src="" type="text/javascript"> src="" type="text/javascript"> Sofaman Services 590 Middle Street East Weymouth MA 02189-1139 FURNITURE REPAIRING & REFINISHING BBB Accredited since 2013 for 0 years of continuous accreditation. Sofaman Service - Home
With over 25yrs of  furniture experience - we know furniture
Repairing, disassembling and reassembling of all types of furniture. Count on us to resolve your furniture issues. We are a local company so there's no calling out of state for your repair issues.

  • Sofaman Services caters to all commercial and residential furniture needs which includes:
  • On site and shop repair
  •      Recolor leather furniture
  • Disassembly and reassembly
  •      Spot Cleaning and full cleanings of upholstered furniture 
  • All types of upholstery repair
  • Refinish wooden furniture
  • Replacing mechanisms for single recliners, sofa recliners and beds 
  • Regluing 
  • Restitching open seams and reattaching buttons
  • Rewebbing sofas, loveseats and chairs
  • and more...

  • Sofaman Services provides immediate in-store, and in-home furniture repairs on leather, fabric, upholstery, wood, and furniture mechanisms. If your sofa is sagging the springs are popping and the buttons have fallen off and the fabric is fine DON'T throw it away we can bring it back to life. 

  •  We are a specialized delivery service . We disassemble and reassemble all types of furniture, no dangling of furniture outside your home. Here at sofamanservices we take pride in disassembling and reassembling it to look exactly the way it was sometimes even stronger. Custom furniture, Ashley, Jordans, Logans , Frugal, Ikea, Target and much much more.
  • Things to remember when purchasing a sofa and that is they are not made with a rubber tree. Sofas do not bend. All measurements that companies give you are with the legs on and the cushion height. The legs normally come off. There is no such thing as a standard sofa or a standard door. Always make sure you have enough room for it to get to the room. Forget the measurements inside if it doesn't fit outside. 

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